Who We Are

Norveld Business Systems brings the principles of Peter Drucker into corporate culture by helping management do the right things and do things right. Our methods and tools help our clients focus their resources effectively and efficiently to achieve their desired results with transparency and consistency. We are the creators of eCision, an innovative decision support system that aligns and implements business initiatives and infrastructure with strategic goals.

Many decision makers strive to improve on how they choose what to invest in. They look for ways to communicate why a given choice is selected over others. Current business trends call for more transparency in decision making. eCision supports this trend by helping you ensure stakeholders are fully aware of, and committed to, the objectives of your organization.

Norveld provides eCision as “Software as a Service” (SaaS). Our unique deployment methodology takes qualitative information—such as a business plan, strategic plan, or departmental goals and objectives—and converts it into quantitative data used to assess, select, and prioritize critical projects.

Major benefits of eCision include ensuring that your initiatives stay completely aligned with your strategy; reducing project costs; and improving accountability, communication, and transparency throughout the organization.